You Have To Have Hunger To Work Hard And Reinvent Yourself. Serial Entrepreneur Christine Marchuska On Success.

From Wall St to Binghampton, Christine Marchuska, is an unstoppable entrepreneur. Everything she touches turns platinum. Fashion entrepreneur, check; finance guru, check; c suite, check; executive recruiting entrepreneur, check and check and new mom, HUGE check. How does she do it all? Honored to have her share her journey on my Women’s Empowerment Series.

Your career is so fascinating and inspiring. Tell us about your career trajectory?

It certainly has been an interesting ride as I started out on Wall Street, lived through the credit crisis (barely ;-)), then became a fashion entrepreneur, followed by an executive recruiter, then back to Wall Street (hedge funds versus big banks the second time around), followed by heading up corporate investor relations at publicly traded technology companies, and now finally back to being an executive recruiter at a company co-founded by one of my best friends from growing up, our other entrepreneurial friend, and me.  I also am working on an angel fund focused on start-ups in my hometown with an investment management team that I believe will be impactful to not only the funded companies, but also the local investors and community. These roles have taken me from NYC to SF to Silicon Valley to the Boston area and back to upstate NY where I was born and raised. The different roles I have held have resulted in a real broadening of my skill set, but if you asked me 20 years ago if I thought this is where I would be now, I definitely would not have expected it.  I think my hunger to work hard and reinvent myself with the flexibility to adapt to different roles and industries has helped me the most in continuing to achieve higher career aspirations and more challenging opportunities.

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